Message from the President

Thailand and Vietnam have a long-standing history of strong cultural ties and socio-economic cooperation. Both countries also share similar patterns in their economic development with both starting as agriculture-based economies that have transitioned into the present day industry-based economies. Their similar background and shared history has led to a natural alliance and a mutual respect and understanding. In addition to this unique relationship, both countries are experiencing escalating economic growth that has brought them center stage in the ASEAN. Consequently, Thailand and Vietnam are considered to be the two growth engines of mainland ASEAN countries. In the emerging economic landscape of the Mekong Sub-Region, Vietnam and Thailand have the unique opportunity of combining their strengths and synergizing their resources for regional development. Capitalizing on the existing bilateral trade and investment relationship, the economic dynamism and entrepreneurship of the business community will propel the Mekong Sub-Region into economic progress. 

The Thailand–Vietnam Business Council plays a critical role in representing and linking its members in order for this partnership to not only succeed but to also go beyond its borders. The Council, a non-profit organization founded in October 2012 by Thailand’s Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking, is a platform for the collective representation of its members to government authorities in order to unlock policy matters and facilitate trade and investment. Council members can share practical know-how and knowledge about how to do business in Thailand and Vietnam, and fully benefit from networking opportunities.

The Thailand-Vietnam Business Council will be instrumental in helping Thai and Vietnamese business policies and efforts to move towards increased bilateral trade and investment that will create a new era of growth and prosperity in the Mekong Sub-Region.